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Outpost begins with a shady looking business man named Hunt scoping out the local bar of an eastern European town savaged by war and poverty for hired help to accompany and protect him on a dangerous mission into the heart of an abandoned Nazi bunker, A task that he is willing to pay out a large sum of money for and insists will take no longer than 48 hours naturally ex marine turned mercanary D.C takes up his offer and soon assembles an elite group of battle hardened war veterans and mercanaries to aid him on this mission.
However the group soon start to wonder why Hunt is offering such a large sum of money for such a seemingly easy mission and with Hunt still refusing to give any real information about thier mission the tension soon starts to grow and then escalates even further still when they arrive to find that the bunker in question was once the site of brutal Nazi experiments carried out on thier own troops and is still filled with all of the slowly decomposing bodies of the experimentees yet somehow amongst the bodies they manage find a survivor, but all is not what it seems and before long many of the mercanaries begin to perish killed by a seemingly invisable silent predator.

Now demanding to know why they were bought to such a place the mercanaries soon find thier mission changing from that of protecting Hunt to one of all out survival and with thier numbers diminishing by the minute they start to realise why Hunt was so willing to pay up and so reluctant to share any information with them.

I started to watch this film without any sort of high expectations as the whole Nazi experiment theme has been done so many times before and pretty poorly at that too i might add but i found myself totally consumed and enthrawled in the story and action throughout and by the end i didn’t want to turn away from the screen for a moment in case i missed something as the pace picks up and the tension rises it soon turns into a lightning fast kill frenzy.

The one thing that really stands out about this film though is the complete lack of special effects but dont let that put you off because it actually makes the film a whole lot more realistic plus what it lacks in special effects it makes up for with added suspense, tension and amazing performances from all of the cast and as a result is alot more enjoyable than most films following similar stories that have taken the other route.
The soundtrack doesn’t really jump out at you and make you remember it but at the same time i found it was very fitting and really helped to build the eerie and intense atmostphere that you would expect from this type of film. Overall i really enjoyed watching Outpost and it is definately a film i could watch again and due to the many twists in the story and high body count it towers over the competition by far.

Price & Availability:

You can purchase a copy of Outpost from Amazon for around £10 but as it has not yet been released in this country you will have to remember that it will only be available in Region 1 format (US and Canada only) but if your DVD player / PC can play these discs it is definately a film that is well worth buying.