Annika is set across Scotland’s glistening lochs, rivers and seascapes, as well as its visually diverse cities, countryside and islands. These landscapes are themselves characters within our show and Scotland’s stunning locations are a key element of Annika’s cinematic world. We need to do everything we can to protect these spaces, their local communities and the incredible environment we’re lucky enough to call home.

See below some of the ways we’re going Green on Annika S2!



Providing costumes for so many characters on a series of this scale means that we need a lot of clothes! We’re hiring or buying clothes second hand wherever possible. Everything we use on this production will either be stored for future use, sold to the crew or donated back to charity shops!



All of our brilliant set builds and decoration will be donated, recycled, stored for the future, or sold!


Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Our cast and crew are using reusable water bottle and coffee cups whilst on set and everyone in the office are using mugs and reusable water bottles. All our water is provided in recycled water cooler bottles, which can be used over and over again.


LED lights

We’ve switched to lower energy lighting wherever possible! This means we’re using far less energy to power our sets.



We’ve introduced a ‘no domestic flight’ policy on our Annika S2. This means that anyone who needs to travel is travelling across the country by train! The average flight from London to Glasgow generates approximately 133KG of CO2 – There are 10 countries where the average person produces less CO2 in a year. In comparison, the same journey from London to Glasgow by train generates 22.7KG of CO2.

We’re using Green Tomato Cars for any transfers in London – they provide an entirely electric fleet to keep our carbon emissions as low as can be!


Paperless Production

Annika S2 is a paperless production as standard. We’ll only print documents if requested for a specific reason and anything we do print is on eco-paper, which is always recycled.


Reusable Consumables

By their very nature, consumables are there to be consumed, but there’s always a way to make them last longer! Reusable shower caps, rechargeable batteries and bamboo cotton buds are just some of the ways we’re making our consumables last longer.



We’ve incorporated hybrid vehicles into fleet, both on and off-screen! From our main characters to our production runners, we’re making greener choices to keep our production running.



This season of Annika sees our characters making greener choices! But you’ll have to watch season 2 to find out what they are…