GGY metal Review:

Anyone remember the film Shock Waves. It came out in 77, and I finally got to watch it when I was ten. I thought it was creepiest thing ever. If you want a full review with spoilers, check out 1000 Misspent Hours. Now, I’ve not seen or read anything with the same subject matter as Shock Waves, that’s scared me to the same degree-until last night.

I watched a film called The Outpost. [View trailer here] It opens in ‘Eastern Europe’, but there’s active fighting, so I can assume we’re in Yugoslavia? A shifty British guy [because the Brits are ALWAYS THE BAD GUYS!] hires a gang of mercenaries [soldiers for hire-led by actor Ray Stevenson] to take him deep into a secluded woods-here they find an underground bunker. Now this Brit is the scientist-he thinks the soldiers are stupid, he’s the only intelligent one, and of course, all he cares about is what he’s looking for…which is some sort of weird looking generator that the Nazi’s developed. That’s right, the bunker is from WW2! These hired guns secure the place, and the Brit sets about taking apart the generator for removal-that’s where the trouble starts. -at first, it seems that the Nazi’s were doing some experiments with dimensions-but in fact, what they were doing was much more sinister. If you’ve seen Shock Waves-then you know what they were doing…

The ending was a bit of surprise. Spoiler: The SS Commander and his corps of uberzombies were in fact, the good guys. It was their job to ensure that the ‘generator’ never left the bunker. And as the next crew of soldiers arrives to follow up on acquiring the generator and seeing to the first hired-guns who came for it…we see the SS Commander and his corps are ready for them…ready to slaughter anyone who enters the bunker to remove the generator. They were doing their job all along.

All in all, this movie creeped me out, even before the first uberzombie shows up to hurt anyone. And that’s the trick-the director uses the less is more approach; but the writing is lackluster, and so it still qualifies as a B movie. No shame in that I guess; I certainly found it more engaging than most of the “horror” that’s been coming out-and gee, wouldn’t it be great if the Sci-Fi channel put some effort into making B movies this good? Oh wait, their main demographic, the 10-16 YO boy doesn’t care about a good script, does he?

You can Download at Amazon or rent at Netflix or Blockbuster. Don’t be put off by the cover, the zombies don’t look that cheesy-they’re actually quite spooky because of what you don’t see.