Review By: AnthroFred

A team of soldiers are on a routine mission to protect a businessman through the woods of Eastern Europe. He leads them to a forgotten underground outpost where he seems to be searching for something… something very
valuable. But everything comes at a price and it
doesn’t take long before they realize that the bunker is haunted by the ghosts of war-crazed nazis who will do anything to keep away unwanted visitors.

One of the most clever things a horror movie can do is bring up some relatively unknown myth, theory or case that will make the viewer interested without having to base the entire plot around a true story. Not many films are clever enough to do this but Outpost is one of those movies where you find yourself pausing the movie just to look up various stories on Wikipedia. Now if a movie gets you THAT engaged and interested, it’s achieved something that very few horror movies manage to do. Outpost may not be the most suspenseful
ghost story out there – in fact, I was only frightened
at one point throughout the entire movie – but it sure as hell engages the viewer while it’s also sure to scare the hell out of some less experienced horror fans.

I’m not really sure why the UK keeps producing these war-oriented supernatural horror tales since none of the ones produced in the past have been successful. The Bunker was a flop – even on DVD, Deathwatch was a theatrical disaster and now Outpost is headed for a DTV release in the states before it’s even gotten a chance to get released in its native country. The Bunker was, in my humble opinion, a complete bore. Deathwatch was mediocre at best. Outpost – now here’s
a movie that FINALLY manages to nail the concept.
They’ve understood that throwing a couple of ghost
soldiers into a war film simply isn’t enough and taken
it one step further. They actually even explain to us
why these ghosts exist and how they can exist. Sure, the explanation is a bit far fetched but for some reason they make it seem completely plausible and you eat it all up.

Now, Outpost may not have scared me as much as it would have liked to but there are some truly haunting scenes to be found in here. The ghosts look extremely creepy (especially the leader), there’s a scene where one of the soldiers find himself in a dark room surrounded by corpses that freaked the hell out of me and the gore
isn’t bad either. That’s right, this ain’t no PG-13
One Missed Call shit, these ghosts are violent killers
and torture their victims to death. If I had to
describe it in a few words I would have to say that
it’s Hostel meets The Ring. Take that with a pinch of
salt though because there is no creepy long-haired ghost girl in this one (thank god).

In the end, I was very pleasantly surprised by this
horror film as I went in with relatively low expectations. It’s a nice-looking high budget production that’s not just a pleasure for the eye but also for the mind. It’s clever, it’s haunting and it’s got a whole lot of atmosphere. A refreshing ghost story to say the least.

We get a pick-axe in the stomach, a bullet impaled
through ones eye, some stabbings and more!

Terrific score, created a great atmosphere.

Surprisingly good ghost story with both gore and
suspense in it. Perhaps not very scary for the more
experienced horror fan but for the less experienced one, this is sure to freak many people out. The best war-oriented horror flick I’ve seen so far I think.

Review By: AnthroFred