The Minatures Review:

What a fun and Fantastic movie!

In this gruesome shocker helmed by Steve Barker, a team of battle-scarred mercenaries embarks on a risky mission to escort a shadowy businessman (Julian Wadham) to a deserted military post in Eastern Europe. But the real danger lurks beneath the surface, where the crew soon finds themselves trapped in an underground bunker … with a bloodthirsty survivor of grisly Nazi experiments. Ray Stevenson and Richard Brake also star.
This… was a REALLY good movie. The characters were well-acted and not overplayed. There were times when the setups were so high-pitched that I was expecting cheese or gore but received a welcome quiet realism. The music was simply excellent – never overblown or emotional, it evoked the strangeness of the place and the professionalism of the men particularly well. The story itself is a bit fantastic, but it definitely delivers on its promises. The presentation of the enemy was occasionally inconsistent – they early on seemed to be able to do things that would have confounded our protagonists plans, but later seemed incapable of same – but effective. A highly enjoyable flick for anyone who has ties to the genre. Very much in the same vein of the (somewhat superior but somewhat less palatable) Dog Soldiers