Bloodtype Online
link: a dim-lite bar in Eastern Europe DC (Ray Stevenson, Rome), an ex- marine, is propositioned by a business man named Hunt to put together a crack team of mercenaries to escort him into an old underground Nazi bunker. The man tells DC that his employer has acquired some property and that he has been sent to survey it. Not really believing him, DC is there to make money so he takes the businessman’s offer.

With the team in place, they head out into the forest on their 48 hour baby sitting mission.The area they are traveling to is smack dab in the middle between the regular army to the south and the insurgents in the north. As they approach their destination, the team receives an abnormal feedback over the radio. This is just the beginning.

Once at the outpost, the team sets up a perimeter while DC sweeps and clears the bunker.As Dc’s in the bunker, one of his men spot something in the tree line and opens fire. During the firefight, McKay took a bullet in the arm. After the shootout, a sweep of the area showed no signs of a body, blood trails or shell casings. The Mercs are weirded-out but just think whoever fired the shot at McKay was just lucky.

While inside the bunker, they discover a machine of some sort that the Nazi’s were trying to use to make immortal soldiers during the last years of WWII. As they step into the chamber to investigate it, they find a sole survivor amongst the preserved bodies. The man is conscience but numb to the world. When they try to interrogate him he just sits there like a lump on a log.

After the discovery, DC makes Hunt explain what the hell they were really doing there. He tells him that he is a scientist hired to find this machine and finish the research that was started during WWII. It was a theory that Albert Einstein started working on only to later abandon and destroy all his notes. It was called Unified Field Theory. The Germans were trying to complete it in order to make the ultimate soldier to march all the way to Washington and take over the White House.

As Hunt is tinkering with the machine, the dead Nazi super-soldiers start taking out the mercs one by one. Each time a member of the Mercenary team dies, the kills seem to get more gruesome and violent. Fighting a losing battle, Hunt calls in another team for reinforcement. Will the new team get there in time? What will they find when they get there?

Like a few of the other movies that I have reviewed, the Outpost is dealing with dead Nazi Super Soldier Zombie type characters. And I have to say that I enjoyed it. It is a British film along the same lines as The Bunker, Dog Soldiers, and Deathwatch. Also an American film titled “Horrors Of War”. There really wasn’t a whole lot of gore but the good acting made up for that. Can’t wait to see Ray Stevenson in the new Punisher Movie.

Rating – **1/2

-Jim Cain