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Mercenaries hired to recover a gizmo – yup, a gizmo, you know, weird looking machine, does all kinds of weird shit and looks a bit like an old motor – run into ghostly, zombie, interdimensional type Nazis!

I dunno what you’d really call the bad guys. Not quite zombies, not ghosts either. Interdimensional super soldiers? The ought to be dead last bastion of the Third Reich? Or just mean, silent bastards in SS uniforms? Guess it doesn’t really matter what you call em, all you need to know is that they sneak around, can appear anywhere, and are vicious as hell – 60 years may have passed, but the SS hasn’t lost its taste for hammering spent cartridge cases into peoples eyeballs and kneecaps.

Spooky shenanigans develop quickly as the mercenaries fetch up in an isolated old underground base, it isn’t long before the relics of the Third Reich, ‘trapped’ ubersoldiers created in some Einstein type experiment in cloaking and immortality, are on the case and wreaking havoc.

It’s one atmospheric bugger of a film, done well, ratcheting up the tension nicely. Plenty happens to keep the interest, there’s gunfire and shit all over the shop, plenty of ominous scenes of silent Nazis looming out of the darkness, an entertaining plot, and just the odd bit of real nastiness to keep the vicious among you happy. Even the mercenaries, perhaps second only to kids in horror movies for usually being shallow cut out characters, are fun, likeable, and have personalities.

Good job on the acting, there’s a decent stab at plot, and it builds up the tension nicely, sticking a blade in at the start and not flinching from giving it a nasty twist at all the right moments. Very enjoyable dead Nazi romp, it brings a little of everything good to the table and serves up a very tasty treat.

Voted by d3rang3d staff as movie of the month February 2008!