Outpost (18)


In war-torn Eastern Europe, a group of mercenaries discover a long-hidden secret in an abandoned Second World War bunker.


Steve barker makes his debut with a fun, lo-fi chiller/actioner which exploits the novelty value of its own unique breed of baddie: the zombie Nazi. Channelling John Carpenter’s The Fog and Michael Mann’s The Keep, Outpost sets up a team of grimy mercs in “Eastern Europe, the present day”, hired by a dodgy scientist to secure a bunker containing a big, rusty MacGuffin. Barker delivers smart shocks and stylistic flourishes (such as his faux-’40s cartoon of the rise of the Nazi supersoldiers), but his habit of breaking his own rules lets the film down. At one point we’re shown the spectral soldiers appearing wherever they like; later they’re held back by a door. Still, who needs logic when you’ve got Nazi zombies…


Logic problems asides, this is a decent effort which makes good use of its fun premise.


Reviewer: Dan Jolin

Empire Review Link: http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/reviewcomplete.asp?FID=135572