Outpost 2 DVD cover


Premiering at Film’s FrightFest festival on 25th August &

Marching onto DVD and BLU-RAY 27th August 2012




Directed by Steve Barker (Outpost) and starring Richard Coyle (Prince of Persia, Pusher), the highly anticipated sequel to THE original Nazi Zombie Horror, OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN, will be goose-stepping its way onto DVD & Blu-ray from 27th August 2012!
Following on from the original Nazi Zombie movie OUTPOST, Director and Writer Steve Barker and Rae Brunton return to resurrect the un-dead Nazi army from their bunkers once more as they attempt to dominate and paint/splatter the world red.

OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN follows investigative Lena (Catherine Steadman, Salmon Fishing In Yemen, The Inbetweeners) on a trail to find notorious war-criminal Klausener, a German scientist who in the closing stages of WW2 was working on a frightening new technology with the power to create an immortal Nazi Army. Her trail leads her to a war zone in Eastern Europe where a NATO task force has been deployed to stop the merciless and brutal killings from an unknown sinister enemy. There she finds Wallace (Richard Coyle), a man who’s been chasing Nazi secrets for many years. They soon realize that the disturbing and menacing advancing army are no ordinary foe, but a battalion of veritable zombie Nazi Storm Troopers.

Teaming up with a Special Forces Unit, Wallace and Lena venture deep behind enemy lines to fight back the source of the evil army. As they go deep into the bunkers of the Nazi zombies, will they survive the seemingly unstoppable rise of the 4th Reich?

Packed full of unexpected twists, gut-ripping and knife stabbing gore with a good measure of British humour, OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN is a total splatterfest from the start to the blood thirsty ending! This guaranteed crowd pleaser is available to own on DVD and Blu-ray from 27th August.